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Episode 22 - Our Mics Weren't On
November 30, 2018 T-Coch and Da Hock

That's right! It took All Over 21 episodes to figure out that the mics and mixer we were using, well we weren't really using them. The reason you haven't been able to hear The Hock is due to the fact that for the last 21 episodes, the internal microphone on the computer has been recording the podcasts...not the fancy mics we bought. Our producer is an idiot. 


You can hear the guys now. We think. To be honest, treat this like the first episode. There are some cracks and pops in there when The Hock gets too excited, but everything should be perfect by next week. Maybe.

  • Twitter Live Ban
  • Urban out at OSU
  • Brad "Fully" Davison
  • Ba-Ba-Baker and the Browns
  • Hue Jack(men)son
  • Trouble in Title-Town
  • College Football
  • Europe Soccer Update from Ukraine
  • Top 10 Sports duos over the past 25 years 
  • Rakewood 
  • Mafia Minute
  • Urban Dictionary
  • LAX Carry-Ons
  • Monopoly for Millennials details
  • Hocks Stock

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